Author: Nathaniel Dodson (Nathaniel Dodson)

5 MUST KNOW tricks for BETTER selections in Photoshop

5 MUST KNOW tricks for BETTER selections in Photoshop

Master these tricks of Select and Mask, adding superpower to the Brush tool, global mask adjustments, and more to take your selections to the next level! Great selections are essential in Photoshop and this Photoshop tutorial will help you get better selections right away. Tags: photoshop tutorial, photoshop tutorials, photoshop, how to, retouching, retouching tutorial,...

Geometric shape dot artwork in Adobe Illustrator

Geometric shape dot artwork in Adobe Illustrator (AMAZING TRICK!)

Use this amazing script and set of effects to quickly and easily create amazing artwork in Adobe Illustrator. You’re going to love the tips and tricks covered in this video! Thanks for watching! Tags: geometric design, geometric artwork, adobe illustrator, illustrator tutorials, illustrator tutorials, graphic design, graphic designer, adobe creative cloud, nathaniel dodson, tutvid, random...

Pewdiepie illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Pewdiepie illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Watch for fun or follow along using my sketch to create this vector illustration version of the king of YouTube, Pewdiepie himself. Thanks for watching! Tags: pewdiepie,adobe illustrator,vector artwork,illustration,how to draw,how to draw a person illustrator,vectorize a person,vector illustration,AI,illustrator cc tutorial,adobe illustrator tutorial,illustrator tutorial,illustrator,graphic design,vector art,illustrator tutorials,graphic design tutorials,youtuber,nathaniel dodson,tutvid,minecraft Recording notes:

25 Photoshop TIPS AND TRICKS (must know!)

25 Must Know Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Learn all about brush smoothing, rubberband tricks, hidden sliders, hidden views, tricks to make healing easier, and much more in this Photoshop tutorial!  Tags: how to, photoshop, photoshop tutorial, graphic design, logo design, photography, tutorial, photoshop manipulation, digital art, photoshop editing, photoshop effects, adobe photoshop tutorial, adobe photoshop, photo editing, tutorial photoshop, photoshop cc 2019,...

13 beginner tips and tricks for adobe illustrator 2019

13 Beginner tips and tricks for Adobe Illustrator 2019

If you’re new to Illustrator, this video will be perfect for you! We’ll learn about some of the things that changed my design-life in Adobe Illustrator when I learned about them. This video covers live shapes, snap to point, the pathfinder, global colors, calligraphic brushes, and much more! Tags: graphic design, adobe illustrator cc 2018,...

5 MUST KNOW retouching tricks in photoshop

5 Must Know Retouching Tricks in Photoshop

Learn to clone on a curve, viewing and zooming and editing images together, adding skin texture from nothing, no more blurring when retouching hair and skin, and a cool sharpen mask in Camera RAW that helps a little bit. Tags: photoshop retouching, photoshop tutorial, skin retouching, retouch, frequency separation, retouching, photoshop, portrait retouching, high end...

Make Amazing Shadows in Adobe Illustrator with THIS Powerful Tool!

Make Amazing Shadows in Adobe Illustrator with THIS Powerful Tool!

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll learn how to create highly customizable shadows that look way more complicated than they are. You can add multiple colors, change the angle and length of the shadow, make it bend and flow, and do anything you want. Learn to create very cool vector shadows for your illustrations, typography,...

Use This Blurring Trick to Add REALISTIC Bokeh To Any Photo

Use This Blurring Trick to Add REALISTIC Bokeh To Any Photo (Photoshop Tutorial)

Support the sponsor of this video: Adobe Stock Photo used. We’ll take a photo and add realistic-looking bokeh to the background using a technique using blurring after isolating the subject of the photo. By the end of this video you will know how to use Field Blur, Tilt-Shift blurs, and the temperamental bokeh sliders...

Work FASTER With This Wacom Tablet TRICK!

Work Faster With This Wacom Tablet Trick!

One simple trick will save a ton of time and be completely customizable to however you primarily use Photoshop. Use your Wacom tablet smarter, not harder! Tags: wacom intuos pro, adobe illustrator cc 2018, digital painting, workflow, photoshop tutorial, pan tablet, wacom wireless, how to draw, photoshop, drawing, adobe photoshop, drawing tutorial, set up, intuos,...

Create Moody Composite Images in Photoshop (PHOTO MANIPULATION)

Create Moody Composite Images in Photoshop (PHOTO MANIPULATION)

Learn how to create cool moody composite images in this Photoshop tutorial. We’ll talk about masking, Camera RAW, Smart Objects and Filters, blending images together, Select and Mask, and a ton more! Download sheep stock photo here. Download the wolf/husky stock photo here. Download the fog Photoshop brushes here. Tags: photo manipulation, photoshop tutorial, photoshop,...