Make Custom Fonts in Adobe Illustrator with Fontself!

In this video, we’ll learn all about Fontself which is an extension that allows you to convert raw artwork to fonts. You can save these fonts and share them just like any other font that you download online. It’s a very cool tool and something that I think any graphic designer or logo designer would like quite a bit!

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Recording notes:

  • Show me doing some letters. Pages of letters.
  • Then photographing the letters to transfer them into Illustrator by way of Photoshop.
  • Image trace it with black and white logo preset and expand and ungroup.
  • Use Magic Wand to select all the white background and dump it.
  • Open the FontSelf extension
  • Layout the letters in one line
  • Layout the lower case letters in the same line at half size
  • Adjust the margins and spacing and tweak the fonts a little bit
  • Saving the font within the OS vs. saving the font only in AI (future editability and auto-updating)
  • Using one saved to OS over in Photoshop
  • TIP: If you don’t want to create a font from scratch Use an existing font and make changes to it and save those shapes as a new font.

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