Nathaniel Dodson

Where Have I Been!?

Where Have I Been!?

For a number of reasons I took a short break from YouTube and it just sort of stretched into a much longer break and then into a bit of a battle to re-establish the routine of making videos and turning my focus back primarily onto video creation. I’ve spent time learning all kinds of new...


What is Responsive Web Design?

Video   1. Examples of Responsive Design There are scores of examples of responsive design online, which you can get a look at by running a Google search and browsing some of the beautiful designs that are listed. Open any one of these sites and simply drag your browser window back and forth to see...


What is Creativity?

Video   What is creativity and how can I get more? Well if the answer were simple, we’d never have to deal with things like writer’s block, or design block, or lack of inspiration, ever! In an effort to discover more about creativity, a few bright researchers from Northwestern and Drexel University (Philadelphia!) set out...