15 Premiere Pro Tips And Tricks for Faster Editing!

Use these video editing tips and tricks in Premiere Pro to edit faster and learn hidden tricks of the app that well put you a cut ahead of your peers! Thanks for watching!

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Recording notes:

  • 3-point editing to make b roll editing easier (view in source, choose the bit you want by setting In/Out and drag that clip in)
  • Clip up a piece of the Alcatraz footage as the beginning of a vlog etc…
  • Slip tool
  • Match frame for a better look at the rest of the footage in the Source Monitor
  • Also Shift + R when in Source monitor to reverse match frame and find the clip on the timline with that frame in it and hit Shift + R multiple times to cycle through the clips on your timeline.
  • Alt/Opt click to select just the audio or video of a clip
  • With multiple pieces of the Alcatraz video lined up, delete the audio from all but the best piece to give the illusion of multiple cameras shooting the same scene
  • ALSO: select multiple track’s audio bits by Alt + dragging over and use Gain to reduce the audio level to near nothing
  • Drag clips to timeline without the audio
  • Shut off the audio patching to the timeline be deselecting the A1 to the left of the timeline
  • Overlap clips and control which track the audio lands on (for linked clips)
  • Select a clip and hold Alt/Opt and tap up arrow 2x and then down arrow 1x to split the clips apart to straddle an existing clip
  • Start dragging the clip. Pull the video up one track and then hold Cmd + Shift and drag the audio down a track.
  • Very funky and non-intuitive, but easy once you get the hang of it. I expect this will change in upcoming versions of Premiere because it’s changed a few times before and it’s still not very user-friendly.
  • Lock tracks to ripple delete “around” them
  • Create Alt/Opt + 1 and 2 as hotkeys for locking and unlocking all tracks,
  • When audio tracks are blocking a ripple delete, you can lock up those track(s) and ripple delete clips or close gaps via ripple delete easily.
  • Hold Shift(let go of Shift once you start dragging) when using the forward movement tool to move just one track of clips
  • If you prefer manually dragging stuff, you can collapse backward all the video/audio from that point on the timeline using the Track Select Forward tool.
  • Don’t be fooled, you can use it backward, too! Click and drag either direction.
  • TIP: You can also Shift + click and drag to only move the audio or video portion of the clip.
  • 2x TIP: This is a great tool for quickly laying out the flow of a video and spacing everything and opening gaps in which you drop new clips, b roll, etc… 
  • Ripple delete the clip at the playhead
  • Turn on “Selection Follows Playhead”
  • Make a better hotkey for Ripple Delete
  • Drag playhead over clips you want to knockout and hit the hotkey 
  • Alt/Opt dragging in a new clip (maybe the video is cut to the music perfectly, but you or the client wants a different clip of your b roll)
  • Hide the effects to make video playback faster/more smooth
  • Show how to add that button to the strip of buttons if you don’t see it.
  • Bypass Lumteri Color with a hotkey
  • This is amazing for when you’re grading footage and want to quickly flip between the graded and ungraded footage on the fly.
  •  Just as Zoom to Sequence zooms you all the way out, Zoom to Frame will zoom you all the way in to the frame level. Mapping this to Ctrl+ (Cmd+ on Mac) is easy to remember if you already use for Zoom to Sequence.
  • Trim mode (enter by going Shift + T) and use hotkeys to quickly cut together videos.

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