Paper Cut Out Illustrator Tutorial (2 METHODS!)

Use Compound shapes or image trace to create cool and highly customizable paper cut out effects in Adobe Illustrator CC. Paper Cut Out Illustrator Tutorial.

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Recording notes:

  • New 2560×1440 doc in Photoshop
  • Fill with 75% brightness gray
  • Load a large soft-edges brush with 25% gray and paint a couple clustered dots near the center of the document
  • Gaussian blur it 100px
  • Add a Posterize effect to this and count out 9 levels of color stepping
  • Copy this graphic into Illustrator
  • Trace the Image [default] with color
  • Expand the trace and ungroup to individual shapes
  • New illustrator document 2560×1440
  • Add a rectangle the size of the docuemnt and center to the background
  • Add a medium ellipse in the center area
  • Select both shapes and alt/opt click minus front option in the Pathfinder to create a compound shape
  • Double click the Warp tool and set the brush to 500px and a power of 50% with 1% detail and 100% simplicity
  • Warp and make the first of our shapes like this
  • Object>Path>Simplify and simplify the path as much as possible
  • Offset this path 75px and move the two new shapes above and re-minus front them
  • Fill with a different color
  • Repeat this process and simplify some of the paths if needed as you go
  • Select everything and do a big Warp tool adjustment if you want to adjust the size and relation of the layers a bit
  • Select all the shapes and apply a 70% black drop shadow with 5px of X and Y and a 6px blur

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