The HIDDEN Power of Luminosity Masks in PHOTOSHOP CC

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to make your photos POP more is by adding selective contrast? Being able to target specific areas of the image into which you add color, contrast, sharpness, etc… will change the game for you. In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll talk all about Luminosity masks and how you can start using them today to make a massive difference in your photography!

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Recording notes:

  • Explain the basic usage and idea behind luminosity masks
  • Load RGB channel as a selection and create a new channel and invert the black to white
  • Cmd/Opt/Shift + click the channel thumbnail we just made to refine that selection even tighter
  • Create a new channel and repeat the process. 
  • Show the action I made and share that it can be downloaded.
  • Create multiple exposure levels with Camera RAW editor (most effective when you’re working with actual RAW files)
  • Don’t forget to delete the luminosity masks before saving and closing out the document. Them masks take up significant space.

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