Cut Out Hair From a Complex Background – Photoshop Tutorial

Use a few steps in Photoshop to cut out hair from a complex background in Photoshop. We’ll cover custom Photoshop brushes, Select and Mask, Select Subject, the Lasso Tool, and much more!

Stock photo used in the video: Polka dot dress model.

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Recording notes:

  • Enlarge image first
  • Select Subject
  • Select and Mask
  • Refine Edge Brush Tool
  • Use Decontaminate Edge if needed
  • Use Levels on the Mask
  • Soft Light brush tool with low flow and rub the edges to perfection
  • Brush up the edges
  • Clone stamp up the edges
  • Create a hairbrush for final edge build
  • Move into the new document and build edges with hairbrush
  • Size the model down to see the finished piece
  • Speed art match the color for the model + snow scene and wrap it up

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