13 Beginner tips and tricks for Adobe Illustrator 2019

If you’re new to Illustrator, this video will be perfect for you! We’ll learn about some of the things that changed my design-life in Adobe Illustrator when I learned about them. This video covers live shapes, snap to point, the pathfinder, global colors, calligraphic brushes, and much more!

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Recording notes:

  • Smart guides
  • Cancel a fill or stroke with the slash
  • Rounded corners(or corner) with Direct Selection (Transform panel, too)
  • Snap to point
  • Basic pathfinder function
  • Alignment to the artboard and key object and distribution
  • Convert stroke to fill by expanding or outlining the stroke (use in conjunction with variable stroke width tool for shape-making)
  • Calligraphic brush to create fun line art (tablet helps a lot!)
  • Fill line art with a base color (group lines, duplicate your lines, expand them to shapes, add a rectangle full of the base color, arrange behind the lines, use the Merge Pathfinder)
  • Edit the hex code in the RGB Color panel
  • Global colors
  • Double click tools to find hidden options
  • Convert text to outlines for more editing

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