5 Must Know Retouching Tricks in Photoshop

Learn to clone on a curve, viewing and zooming and editing images together, adding skin texture from nothing, no more blurring when retouching hair and skin, and a cool sharpen mask in Camera RAW that helps a little bit.

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Retouching notes:

  • Clone/Heal on a curve
  • Head’s up comparing two images and zoom/hand tool drag both images together (also show New Window For…) (runner adobe stock image)
  • BONUS: Color Range Constraint
  • Skin texture technique (model, yellow dress) (small pores with noise + emboss, big pores with mezzotint)
  • Get rid of blur when retouching (soft brushes and healing diffusion)–esp. Helpful for hair retouch
  • Sharpening mask in Camera RAW

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