Make Amazing Shadows in Adobe Illustrator with THIS Powerful Tool!

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll learn how to create highly customizable shadows that look way more complicated than they are. You can add multiple colors, change the angle and length of the shadow, make it bend and flow, and do anything you want. Learn to create very cool vector shadows for your illustrations, typography, and graphic design in this Illustrator tutorial!

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Recording notes:

  • New AI document and fill the background with #5fb5a8
  • Add some text with the League Spartan Bold at 200pt and fill it with #f7ec6c
  • Duplicate the text and fill with black
  • Duplicate again and drag to where the shadow will end
  • Show the blend tool and how to adjust it
  • Reduce opacity of a plain black shadow
  • Create a shadow and reduce opacity of just one bit of artwork to 0%
  • Show how to manipulate the path in the middle of the blend
  • Now show how to change the shape of the bottom text to change the size and shape as the shadow moves as well.
  • Bring blend back to 100% opacity and show the text shadow, but with colors for a plastic text look.
  • Show how to export it!

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