Use This Blurring Trick to Add REALISTIC Bokeh To Any Photo (Photoshop Tutorial)

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Adobe Stock Photo used.

We’ll take a photo and add realistic-looking bokeh to the background using a technique using blurring after isolating the subject of the photo. By the end of this video you will know how to use Field Blur, Tilt-Shift blurs, and the temperamental bokeh sliders that this filter has given us.

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Recording notes:

  • Open the image and create a selection around the model using Quick Selection + Select and Mask
  • Unlock the background layer and convert to a Smart Object
  • Apply a Field Blur of a few points at 120px and 150px
  • Also, apply bokeh of 65% and some bokeh color, too. Limit the Light Range to get a pleasing effect. This balance between the blur size, amount of bokeh and the range of light to which the blur is applied is where the magic happens. Spend as much time tweaking this as you must.
  • Turn on the layer containing the model we cut out and make any final adjustments to get the perfect bokeh effect.

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