25 Must Know Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Learn all about brush smoothing, rubberband tricks, hidden sliders, hidden views, tricks to make healing easier, and much more in this Photoshop tutorial! 

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Recording notes:

These are the features, tips, and tricks covered in this Photoshop tutorial:

  • Bird’s eye view
  • Quick Selection mode to paint selections
  • Press and hold hotkey to temporarily switch to it
  • Overscroll mode
  • Adjustment layers + blend modes
  • Change layer and brush opacity hotkeys
  • Move selections before committing it
  • Rubberband pen tool
  • Brush tool smoothing mode
  • Quick export a JPEG
  • Quick Export a group of layers by grouping them
  • Alt/Opt to duplicate objects, layers, filters, layer styles
  • Straighten photos with Ruler line or Crop + grid
  • Straighten perspective with Camera RAW transform
  • Fill text/color fill/shape layers with a hotkey
  • Merge all layers or merge a group of layers
  • Use the Healing brush along edges
  • Change the color of anything with Color Replacement tool
  • Hide all but one layer
  • Switch between open documents hotkey
  • Copy layers from doc to doc
  • Rotate tool is underrated
  • Hidden scrubby sliders
  • Middle gray point eyedropper in Curves/Levels
  • The Banana tool

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