Flaming Elk Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Watch and learn to create complex photo manipulations by taking what I do in this Photoshop tutorial and apply it to your own photo manipulations! If you create your own flaming photo manipulation, upload it to Instagram and tag me @tutvid so I can see what you made! Thanks for watching!

Inspired by:


Stock used


Fire Stock Photos




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Recording notes:

  • Make a selection of the elk and save it
  • Add dropblues LUT and Moonlight LUT
  • Merge those layers and convert to smart object
  • Add a Camera RAW filter with these settings
  • Temp -20 // Tint 10 // Exposure -1.00 // Highlights&Whites -100 // Shadows&Blacks -30 // Dehaze -40 // Saturation -20 // 
  • Hue/Sat layer and shift the Blues hue: -30 and sat: -70
  • Levels, Multiply, Quick Mask for custom vignette around edges. 35% opacity.
  • Load elk selection and add a Gradient Map layer with the Fire/Rust gradient
  • Add the flames, one piece at a time, Screen and mask them into place (use Levels to ensure solid black background for cleaner flames)
  • Add 8-10 flames and explain where to get them on unsplash
  • Layer base glow reflection with a Vivid Light layer (remember to add some light to the ground!)
  • Fill out more of the color with a Color Dodge layer and reduce opacity a little
  • Use a small brush on a Color Dodge layer to start painting the precise highlights on the face and back
  • Create an Overlay layer and paint in more color and blend it all bit by bit
  • Add a second Color Dodge layer and touch up the highlight details
  • Add a Color Balance layer and use it to flood some red and yellow into the elk’s body and mask gently
  • Add a Levels adjustment layer and drag to the bottom and mask to the elk’s rear
  • Create orange glow above elk’s head (Screen@ 20% & Linear Light@ 20%)
  • Add Teal Orange LUT at 30% opacity
  • Color Balance layer S:-15/+8/+15 M:+15/-10/-10 H: +5/-20/+10 @ 50%
  • EdgyAmber LUT Soft Light at 15%
  • Merge all to new layer and convert to Smart Object
  • Add Camera RAW filter: Temp +10 / Tint: +25 / Blacks +20 / Clarity +30 / Vibrance: +20 / Saturation: -10 // SHARPEN // ADD 10 OF GRAIN
  • Reduce that layer opacity to 65%
  • Add Color Balance layer S:-20/-5/+10 and reduce to 50%
  • Add a Selective Color layer and add 8-10 points of blue to the blacks

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