Pewdiepie illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Watch for fun or follow along using my sketch to create this vector illustration version of the king of YouTube, Pewdiepie himself. Thanks for watching!

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Recording notes:

  • Add the sketch (offer this as a download)
  • Reduce opacity to 40%
  • Create an art brush via a flattened oval shape
  • Set brush tool to make a very smooth stroke
  • Create a new layer and make the main set of lines and set to 4pt
  • Make secondary lines, face details, lines, etc…
  • Use Direct Selection to clean up the lines and Snap to Point to ensure all the points line up well
  • Show how to make sets of lines with the Blend Tool and Blending Options
  • Add a background color(s) 
  • Add base hair colors
  • Add skin colors
  • Add jacket, collar, and shirt colors
  • Add shadow below chin
  • Add eye color
  • Add lips, mouth, and tooth colors
  • Overlay the sketch on top and set to Multiply and reduce opacity to see it but not too distracting
  • Dodge and burn along with sketch
  • Add a multiply layer and do some shading with Blob brush
  • Add a Screen layer and do some dodging with Blob brush
  • Add a background color(s) and you’re finished!

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