Geometric shape dot artwork in Adobe Illustrator (AMAZING TRICK!)

Use this amazing script and set of effects to quickly and easily create amazing artwork in Adobe Illustrator. You’re going to love the tips and tricks covered in this video! Thanks for watching!

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Recording notes:

  • 900px Polygon 6-sided
  • Set 15pt stroke and check on dashed line (1pt dash to a 50pt gap)
  • Round the corners AND caps of the stroke
  • Apply a Yellow-to-Orange-to-Hot Red/Pink gradient to the stroke
  • Effect>Distort & Transform and create 32x copies
  • Then resize to 91% H&V
  • Find an angle that looks cool
  • To create the system of dots, give it a solid colored fill first
  • Then Expand Appearance, then Expand strokes to fill, ungroup 3x and release the compound shapes
  • Then group up all these dots (we’ll release them later, this is strictly for keeping things tidy).
  • Go to Adobe Color and find and add a cool color scheme and add it to the Illustrator library
  • Go download the Random swatches script here and add it to the Scripts folder in the Presets area of the Illustrator application files
  • Restart Illustrator and then show where this script appears in the File menu
  • Open the Swatches panel and go ungroup the dots we created before
  • Cmd/Ctrl-click all the swatches you want to be a part of the constellation of dots and run the script
  • Group it back up and position over a dark background, or any background that you like and enjoy your geometric dots, randomized color vector starfield!

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