Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Create a double exposure effect in Photoshop using this Photoshop tutorial!

Photos used in this video: 

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Recording notes:

  • Create a selection around the model/head you’re using for the 
  • Add a light gray background behind the newly cut out model #e4eaf3
  • Convert the model to black and white
  • Add contrast/darken a little with a Curves adjustment (clip both layers to the model layer)
  • Convert urban photo to black and white with high contrast and ensure there is an edge of area of solid white that can drop away and bring the double exposure into the background (use levels to boost the brightness of the sky to solid white?)
  • Drag this into the model image and set to the Multiply blend mode
  • Mask the background and the model together to get a pleasing effect
  • Duplicate a copy of the model up above this all and use as a High Pass layer (mask away detail that may be brought back)
  • Apply the “Flat_blues” gradient map
  • Add a Levels adjustment layer and boost the contrast

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