We, Geeks Podcast Ep. 7 – LIVE Broadcasting with Periscope, Oh my!

We, Geeks Podcast - Episode 7

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Paul C. Buff died this week

Paul C. Buff died this week Paul C. Buff created a series of low-priced off camera strobe flashes called “Alien Bees” and ran the wildly popular lighting company “Paul C. Buff”. One of the fantastic things about Buff’s lights were the price point, which allowed many new photographers to buy studio lighting for a fraction of the cost and still get very professional results. There are still a number of high end professionals that I am aware of that use Paul C. Buff lights to this day. You can check out the story and ever the affordable lights and lighting kits available at PaulCBuff.com. Truly a sad loss in the photographic community.
“With great sadness we announce that our founder, Paul C. Buff, passed away this week at the age of 78. He has been living with his beloved wife of 16 years, Deborah, and their extended family in their secondary home in Mobile, Alabama for over a year and passed away in this home with his family around him. Those of us who have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Paul have lost an invaluable mentor, an inspiring leader, and a treasured friend. The world has lost one of its most creative and adventurous pioneers.”
Check out the full story and more here.

James White’s Laser Horse illustration | Photoshop 25th anniversary


DSLR Causes Airliner to Plummet 4,000 Feet

DSLR Causes Airliner to Plummet 4,000 Feet While adjusting his seat last winter, a UK pilot knocked his Nikon DSLR off of it’s resting place and it got stuck between his seat and the aircraft’s control joystick causing the airliner to plunge 4,400 feet. In the 27 second long nosedive there were a reported 33 injuries to crew and passengers. The Airbus A330 jet was carrying a total of 198 people at the time of the incident. You can check out the “Pilots of Instagram” for a number of amazing and beautiful photos, but generally pilots in America and the UK are not allowed to use personal electronic devices to shoot photos from the cockpit while flying the aircraft. DSLR Causes Airliner to Plummet 4,000 Feet Check out the full story over on PetaPixel.

A First Glimpse of Canon’s Small 4K Camera

A First Glimpse of Canon’s Small 4K Camera Canon has revealed a nice small 4K camera about the size of a standard DSLR camera in China ahead of the US based NAB 2015 show in Las Vegas in April of this year. Canon Rumors suggests that the camera will have a 1-inch CMOS sensor, a 10X optical zoom 8.9-89mm (24-240mm in 35mm terms) f/2.8-5.6 lens, a 58mm filter, built-in Wi-Fi, and an external viewfinder. “This definitely looks to be Canon’s foray into the drone market,” they write. A First Glimpse of Canon’s Small 4K Camera Read more about the new camera here.

Periscope/Meerkat and LIVE broadcasting

Periscope/Meerkat and LIVE broadcasting There was a brief craze about a live broadcasting app called “Meerkat” which allowed you to broadcast video from your smartphone LIVE via your Twitter channel. Twitter, which had acquired a company called “Periscope” in January of 2015 quickly limited Meerkat’s access to the Twitter social graph to essentially make it more difficult for Twitter users to link up their Meerkat account with their Twitter account. Today Twitter’s iPhone app, Periscope launched. Among other things, Periscope allows you to save your live broadcasts, something which Meerkat does not allow you to do. Of all of the social media trends and services, this live broadcasting arena is an interesting field for showing news, events, and stories as they unfold in the moment and also for allowing followers of celebrities, online personalities, and businesses to have a more personal connection. Example: Watching the fire in NYC live moments after it happened.  

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