We, Geeks Podcast Ep. 6 – Sucking The Life Out of Creative People

We, Geeks Podcast - Episode 6

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Live Above An Apple Store—For a Price

Live Above An Apple Store—For a Price

For the most-avid Apple store enthusiast, a most-extraordinary opportunity has arisen to purchase an apartment inside an Apple store building. No more driving—or even walking—to your Genius Bar appointment or to pick up an accessory. Just take a short elevator ride to the ground floor. For an offer over US$495,000 you might win the bidding to live above the Brisbane (Australia) store, in an historic building with amenities that include a fitness center, sauna, car park and swimming pool. The apartment just came on the market. It’s one of five known Apple store buildings that include residential space. The fully-furnished two-bedroom, two-bath apartment is on the 7th floor of the MacArthur’s Chambers building in central Brisbane, and includes major appliances. The building was occupied by the U.S. military during World War II as Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s pacific headquarters. Besides the ground-level Apple store and upper-floor residences, the building now includes a museum dedicated to the army occupancy. The sales price includes one space in an underground car park. Read more about the Apple apartment here » Facebook Announces a Payments Feature for Its Messenger App

Facebook Announces a Payments Feature for Its Messenger App

First it was SnapChat introducing the “Snapcash” feature with this groovy little video back near the end of 2014 and now we have Facebook entering the “micro-transaction” arena with a quick way to send cash to friends via Facebook’s mobile messenger app. According to the New York Times, Facebook will allow direct debits back and forth between friends on Facebook which will effectively allow for instant money transfer-unlike services such as Paypal or Venmo which require you to cash out your funds to a bank account. Do you trust Facebook to hold sensitive financial information? Should anyone really trust these big companies or is everyone out to sell whatever information they can if the price is right?Howard and I have fresh takes on this issue. Read the full Facebook Messenger Payments App story here » Pregnant Colorado woman stabbed, her baby ‘removed,’ after answering Craigslist ad

Pregnant Colorado woman stabbed, her baby ‘removed,’ after answering Craigslist ad

A 26-year-old pregnant woman in Colorado, spotting a Craigslist ad for baby clothes, drove to the home of the woman who placed the ad. When the pregnant woman arrived on Wednesday, she was beaten and stabbed by the 34-year-old woman who lives there, police said. The attacker then did something nearly unimaginable: She “removed” the fetus from her victim’s body, according to police in Longmont, Colo. What an absolutely horrific story. Do you take any security precautions when buying or selling online and meeting people in person to make the swap? What kind of things do you find most effective for maintaining safety while conducting transactions with complete strangers? Read the full length story here »

Flying Food Selfies

Flying Food Selfies

Compositing a bunch of photos in your living room to make it look like you’re flying inches from your floor as your breakfast tumbles across the floor is exactly what this photographer did and is detailed in this PetaPixel article. 10 Beliefs That Suck the Life Out of Photographers

10 Beliefs That Suck the Life Out of Photographers

Listen in as Howard and I talk about the ten points outlined in this photography article and how they really apply to graphic designers, photographer, and any kind of creative-minded professional. Get out of your own way and build something special one bit at a time!
  • #1: We must have professional level gear to be a pro.
  • #2: We have to live in a big city.
  • #3: We must have a portfolio equal to Avedon or McCurry to even be considered.
  • #4: We have to have thousands of hours experience.
  • #5: We must never work for free.
  • #6: We must have a huge Internet following to be considered.
  • #7: We obviously suck because the pros do it so easily.
  • #8: “All we need is…”
  • #9: Professional photographers are special, with special talents and special lives.
  • #10: No one is able to make a living in this business anymore.