We, Geeks Podcast Ep. 8 – Nikon 1 J5, Adobe Comp CC, and Stealing Someone’s Photos

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ESPN just redesigned its site for the first time since 2009

ESPN New Website Design
In a stunning turn of events, ESPN redesigned their four year old website this past week. Interestingly enough, they chose to use a modular type design which includes a system of content boxes, rather than a more traditional “news style” blog website. One thing to look for is the amount of short form information that is available. Photos with a paragraph of text attached to them. Does this spell the end of long form, “traditional” journalism as we know it? This may be one of the first mainstream news outlets to really commit to this style of approach to sharing their content. Here are four takeaways pertaining to the redesign.

‘Right to Record’ bill addresses citizens’ right to film law enforcement”

Right to Photograph the Police
Colorado Legislature has introduced a bill that would include imposing up to a $15,000 civil fine if a law enforcement officer seizes or damages a citizen’s recording equipment or even interferes with somebody trying to record their actions.

They acknowledge that it is unacceptable for an officer to demand a camera or a camera card containing footage or images. Joe Salazar, a Democrat from Thornton, CO says “It takes a very special person to be a police officer, We want to honor them, but at the same time, we have a few bad apples who need to be aware that their conduct now has major, major consequences.”

Nikon 1 J5 Unveiled

Nikon 1 J5 Unveiled
Blazing Fast Shooting Speeds and 4K Video Recording… Kinda.

Nikon has introduced a brand new mirrorless camera system boasting 4k video and incredibly fast continuous shooting all in a camera that is very much hand-holdable and looks to hit the market around $500.

The camera will take a variety of lenses, not current DSLR Nikon lens, but a new line of smaller lenses for mirrorless cameras. It has a 20.8 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. ISO range between 160-12,800, a focus system with 171 detection points, 20fps shooting with full autofocus, but an incredible 60fps after autofocus has fixed the first shot. It also has a very short shutter lag which Nikon is boasting is the shortest shutter lag in the world for this class of camera. Camera also includes a 3-inch touch screen on the rear which has the ability to tilt. The 4k video records at 15fps, but 1080p can shoot up to 60fps and 720p up to 120fps. There is also a timelapse feature which looks like it will allow you to shoot and stitch timelapse sequences right in the camera. The camera also includes WiFi and NFC for connecting to other smart devices and is available in silver/black, silver/white, or all black colors by the end of April, 2015.

So Your Company Has Been Found Using My Photos Without Permission. What Next?

So Your Company Has Been Found Using My Photos Without Permission
What do you do when you find a company or individual using digital content that you created without receiving permission or granting you a licensing fee? Alex Wild in a frank and honest Q/A with PetaPixel covers much of what he has encountered in his adventures with bug (okay, entomology) photography. Working with offenders, keeping things from getting personal, ensuring that the fees you charge will cover even the legal costs incurred, Alex covers some valuable group in his piece.
Follow him on Twitter: Alex Wild

April Fools: The Smart Boy turns the iPhone 6 Plus into a working Game Boy

The Smart Boy turns the iPhone 6 Plus into a working Game Boy
Started as an April Fools’ joke to “test out the market”. The public was extremely excited, developer plans to build it out into a real product. (likely legal trouble from Nintendo, who is finally started to dive into the mobile world with publisher DeNA. Check out this Game Boy/iPhone mashup!

Adobe Comp CC, The Best Thing To Happen to Layout Ideation Since The Cocktail Napkin

Adobe Comp CC, The Best Thing To Happen to Layout Ideation
Create mockups simply by drawing out shapes, lines of placeholder text, add images, then send the designs straight to Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop with a single click to keep working. This is a very interesting free app that Adobe has just released. Check it all out here.

Noiseless – Revolutionary Technology to Make Your Photos Look Their Best

Noiseless - Revolutionary Technology to Make Your Photos Look Their Best
At the price of $17.99 for standard, $40.00 for pro on pre-order, or $60.00 for the full retail price thereafter, Noiseless looks to be an app/plugin that packs some serious punch when it comes to removing noise from your photographs. It comes with an included Photoshop and Lightroom plugin. For a standalone product, it does a fantastic job at reducing noise while preserving detail. Noiseless also offers many different presets and even advanced slider controls. If you’re trying to decide between Noiseless and Lightroom, I’d recommend sticking with Lightroom because it is far more powerful in general image adjustments and does not cost much more. If you’re simply looking for an application that reduces noise for your images, it’s a great option.
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