Use THIS Technique to Smooth Skin Without Losing Detail!

Use THIS Technique to Smooth Skin Without Losing Detail!

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you how to smooth skin quickly and effectively without blurring skin so much it looks like peanut butter. Learn to edit non-destructively with the Healing Brush and add additional skin texture easily when and where it’s needed as well as a few little tricks that you’ll find useful in all sorts of retouching situations. Enjoy!

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Recording notes:

  • Tips:
  • Zoom in a lot
  • When using any healing or clone tools, use hard edges (and adjust diffusion)
  • Sample from areas that have the same texture
  • Smooth skin with a color layer, not a blurred layer (you will lose some detail with this trick, but you can back the effect off a bit with Blend If)
  • Noise + Extrude skin texture trick
  • Texture slider boost in Camera RAW

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