How to use the Freeform Gradient Tool – Illustrator Tutorial

How to use the Freeform Gradient Tool – Illustrator Tutorial

Learn all about the Freeform Gradient tool and three awesome tricks that I love dearly about the Freeform Gradient tool. You’ll learn so much about this powerful tool in this short Illustrator tutorial.

Cool gradients I love a lot can be found here:

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Recording notes:

  • Show basic function
  • Add/Remove points
  • Replacement for the older Gradient Mesh tool
  • Double click a node to change color
  • Adjust outer circle to adjust color’s “reach”
  • Talk about Points vs. Lines
  • Use Global colors to update
  • PRO TIP: Add gradient to text by creating a rectangle and dragging text over it and clipping mask it
  • Start with the Illustrator file with shapes filled with solid colors loaded up + the swatches
  • Quick show the gradient site that I was looking at
  • Show the solid fill-to-freeform gradient feature
  • Use the line feature and select each point and use the eyedropper tool to get the color spot the right way
  • Speed through the rest of the colors and stripes
  • After speeding through, show how to edit the different freeform spots
  • Show the problems with rotating the gradients and then show how to expand the gradients to make it work better
  • Show how to sample a color NOT within the Illustrator UI
  • Show how to take one of these gradients and Clip text to it to apply the gradient to text as well
  • Wrap it out and get out.

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