How to Edit Photos Like Brandon Woelfel – Lightroom Tutorial

How to Edit Photos Like Brandon Woelfel - Lightroom Tutorial

Learn to use Lightroom to create a photo effect much like popular photographer, Brandon Woelfel. We’ll use everything from HSL sliders to Curves and Calibration to create a preset that we can use all over the place to give our photos a Woelfel-like toning and color effect.

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Retouching notes:

  • Go over the characteristics you see in Brandon’s photos
  • Think about presets that you would use for darken photos, lighten photos, photos you want to be warmer, and photos you want to be cooler. Lots to think about. We’ll just make one preset in this video, though.
  • Establish a base white balance correction
  • Set the exposure to something reasonable that you like (maybe make note of the brightness levels in a pivital area like the face
  • Dump highlights -60
  • Boost shadows +60
  • Dump whites -50
  • Boost blacks +50
  • Boost clarity +50 as well
  • Reduce vibrance -20
  • Create a curve that boosts blacks and reduces whites and looks decent
  • Crush cyan into the highlights and shadows with Curves
  • Add some blue to the shadows with curves, too
  • Shift the Hue +35 or so and reduce saturation +20
  • Shift Yellow more toward green
  • Shift Green all the way to Cyan
  • Reduce saturation of the reds -25
  • In calibration, boost Magenta in the shadows +30
  • Boost red hue +30 and saturation +5
  • Reduce green hue -30 and saturation -15
  • Reduce blue hue -60 and saturation +60
  • Save as preset, but don’t attach the lens correction, exposure, or contrast, or sharpening
  • When you add this to a new photo, tweak the white balance for tons of looks.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: For more inexpensive lenses, remember to correct for chromatic abberations and lens distortion/vignetting.
  • Consider messing around with a photo with large green leaves to show the aqua leaf technique.

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