How to Make Colorful 3D Text Photoshop CC Tutorial


CREATE THIS 3D TEXT WITH EASE! | We’ll cover how to quickly create this sparkling, colorful text effect! | This Photoshop tutorial will cover creating 3D objects, working with 3D camera, 3D materials/textures, IBL’s, and much more!

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FabFelt Script Font used in this vide.

Tutorial Overview

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll talk about how to create this deep, moody, colorful 3D text effect in Photoshop and cover all the basics you’ll need to know to get started working with 3D in Photoshop today. We’ll cover multiple aspects of moving 3D objects and aligning them, adding additional edges to a 3D object, changing colors of 3D objects, rendering, building a custom IBL to get a better sparkle and falling light for our 3D text effect, coloring a rendered object with adjustment layers, adding a distressed paper effect, sharpening, grain, and so much more! You’re going to love this video! Thanks for checking it out!

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