Create a Vector Watermelon Logo Mark – Illustrator Tutorial


WORK WITH SHAPES AND VIBRANT COLOR TO CREATE THIS EFFECT! | Use the Shape Tools, Strokes, Gradients, and more! | We will cover mixing multiple shapes, creating swatches, building depth with shadows, and much more!

Check out all the amazing artwork by “MBE” on Dribbble ASAP!

In this Illustrator tutorial, we’ll build this very cool vibrant colored watermelon icon or logo mark based on a piece of artwork created by Dribbble user “MBE” (link for their work is above) using the shape tools in Illustrator. We will talk about saving colors as swatches, using a single path to create multiple shapes, splitting and joining paths to divide a single shape into several shapes, creating and applying clean and simple textures, building depth using shadows and gradients, and combining a number of different Illustrator skills to create a real-world icon.

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