Grading C-LOG Footage Flat Footage in Premiere Pro Without a LUT


USING SCOPES AND CURVES TO GRADE FOOTAGE! | We will use the Hue Curve, Regular Curves, and Basic Exposure/Contrast Sliders to grade some Flat LOG footage from a C100 MK II

Shane Hurlbut’s post on exposing the skin tones in the Canon Cinema series and shooting in LOG.

Tutorial Overview

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we’ll take some flat C-LOG footage from a C100 and grade the footage for a usage shot without using a LUT (since Premiere Pro does not, at this moment, have a LUT made for the C100.) We’ll use the Curves to adjust brightness and color, we’ll use the sliders in the Basic tab to boost and adjust exposure and contrast, and we’ll use the Hue Curve to tweak the saturation of the colors as we wish. One of the fun things we’ll cover is how to quickly read and get an idea of what you’re looking at when you use a Lumetri Scope. We don’t really do a deep dive on the Lumetri Scope, but we do get an elementary idea of how to look at one and what you’re looking at.

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