Fancy Intricate Lace Pattern Illustrator CC Tutorial (MUST SEE!)

Fancy Intricate Lace Pattern Illustrator CC Tutorial (MUST SEE!)

Learn the power of multiple transforming effects in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial!

We’ll create a multiple faceted lace pattern design illustration using the brush tool, guides, clipping masks, transform effects, and lots of brushing.

Brushes used in this tutorial

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create a new document 2000×2000
  2. Create a black stroke horizontal and vertical line across the document and align to the center
  3. Create a new layer and copy these lines and paste them in place on this new layer.
  4. Select the bottom layer and Distort>Transform it angle should be 360/32 to ensure we get 32 sections and then make 7 copies (we started with one copy containing 4 segments so we need 7 more copies each with the 4 segments which equals 32 total segments)
  5. Make sure you’re anchored to the center of the layer and you’ll be good!
  6. Go Object>Expand Appearance to break the strokes out into the Illustrator document
  7. Set the strokes to the color pink
  8. Turn on the top layer again
  9. Grab the brush tool and set the stroke color to black and paint a stroke between two lines
  10. Transform the entire layer: flip X and create one copy with a 0º angle
  11. Apply a second transform effect to this entire layer and uncheck reflect X and set the angle to 360/16 with 15 copies
  12. Now, turn on Smart Guides and use the Pen tool to trace out a big triangle that follows the guidelines we’ve set out for this slice of the “pizza”
  13. Select the entire layer and go Object>Clipping Mask>Make to trim all the paths within each slice of the pie
  14. Now use the brush tool and play with different brushes to build out a fancy pattern effect


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