Video Editor for Beginners (EASY TO USE!) Filmora9 Tutorial

Video Editor for Beginners (EASY TO USE!) Filmora9 Tutorial

Learn about how to create basic video edits and build your first finished “vlog style” video in this Filmora9 beginner tutorial! We’ll cover how to import footage, how to fade footage in and out, how to add and mix audio, how to use effects, titles, add animation and text, color grade, save presets, and pretty much all the ins and outs of this awesome little video editing application!

Filmora9 is now officially released. Check it out here: download now!

Price: $59.99/Lifetime

Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Importing 4k footage
  2. Changing the settings to match the properties of the footage
  3. Select space and hit delete key to ripple delete
  4. Line up a few b-roll clips
  5. Trim clips in and out
  6. Add a few transitions
  7. Edit the dialog and show the simple jump cut
  8. Then show the use of b-roll to cover the harsh jump cut
  9. Create an intro rolling b-roll by adding text to the video and then use a J cut to bring in the audio and then flip to the actual video
  10. Fade the audio together
  11. Drag in effects on a new track and double-click to change the properties. Reduce the alpha to reduce the power of the effect
  12. Show how to add a lower third introducing me as the speaker
  13. Show how to export this video for YouTube or Facebook
  14. Import footage
  15. Check project settings and ensure 4k resolution and talk about the proxies a little
  16. Drag in the footage from Canon 80D
  17. Trim head and tail
  18. Drag audio in from library (Mark Tracy Born Twice) talk about why you’re choosing the music you do
  19. Create an intro sequence of two clips by:
  20. trimming the first 3:15 off the audio
  21. Drag in heli flying to waterfall clip
  22. Use the Fisheye roll 1 transition set to 1sec & Postfix
  23. Create the J cut from that into the audio/video of the A-roll
  24. Cut part of my dialog and show the jump cut
  25. Show how to cover the jump cut with b roll
  26. Add another clip when I talk about flying to the waterfall
  27. Trim the end of the film
  28. Use the advanced color corrector and add Harry Potter LUT, -5 temp, reduce highlights and whites, darken shadows a little, boost blacks, reduce overall contrast, boost exposure a little, tweak sat/vibrance
  29. Save as a preset to apply to the other clip
  30. Drag in a couple effects over me talking
  31. Show how to fade out the end video and fade the audio up, fade video to black, and reduce audio to 0 after that.
  32. Go add a cool text title and wrap up the project


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