Learn Photoshop for Photographers! (Beginner Tutorial)

Learn Photoshop for Photographers! (Beginner Tutorial)

WARNING: This is a very basic/beginner tutorial and it’s very fast-paced!

Learn all the basics that a photographer needs to know in this detailed Photoshop tutorial!

We’ll cover image navigation, selections, tonal adjustments, sharpening, exporting images, color changing tricks, and much more in this tutorial.

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create new doc
  2. Open an image file (new image: people that can be selected with a quick lasso)
  3. Layers, Opacity, Blend Modes (create new layers and paint w/ brush tool to show layering)
  4. Selections (expand, contract, feather)
  5. Content-Aware Fill (make a person(s) disappear)
  6. Select Subject (new image: man or woman studio)
  7. Copy to new layer
  8. Move tool and pushing pixels or layers
  9. Undoing and History
  10. Clone stamp tool
  11. Healing brush (to newer studio image and heal some skin)
  12. Brightness/Contrast (studio image)
  13. Curves finger tool to push and pull (first image)
  14. Hue/Saturation for overall color and saturation changes + finger tool to target colors (car image)
  15. Filters (car image)
  16. Sharpening an image (outrun image)
  17. Cropping an image (outrun image)
  18. Exporting and image and saving stuff (outrun image)
  19. 01: Create a new document and then show how to go and open a photo
  20. Show the simple zoom in and out and holding down the spacebar to move around
  21. Layers panel and create a new layer and then a couple more
  22. Select layers and paint on them and show how the brush strokes overlap
  23. Show the opacity control and a quick second of blend modes
  24. Show how to shut off layers and then drag them to the trash bin to delete
  25. Use the rectangle marquee tool to drag out a selection
  26. Hold shift to add to a selection or Alt/Opt to subtract from it
  27. Select>Deselect (NOTE: the hotkey is a massive time saver here!)
  28. Use the Lasso tool for free form selections around the girl
  29. Use the old Content-Aware Fill to make her disappear (mention the new content-aware fill)
  30. 02: Select subject to select the woman in studio
  31. Lasso tool and feather the selection around the eye and more to the forehead area
  32. Show how to multiple undo and the history panel to see the stuff you’ve done so far
  33. Use Clone Stamp tool to cover up an eyebrow or eye
  34. Use the Healing Brush tool to wax away a few blemishes or skin/beauty marks
  35. Use the Brightness/Contrast image adjustment to tweak the photo
  36. Use Levels finger tool to boost contrast for studio photo and use it on the yellow bug photo and boost blacks and flatten whites to reduce the contrast
  37. 03: Use a Hue/Saturation adjustment on the yellow bug image to shift Hue/Sat and then show how to use the finger scrubby tool to target colors and affect saturation and hue
  38. Convert the image for smart filters
  39. Show a Gaussian blur and then how you can edit the blur, shut off the blur, or delete the blur
  40. 04: Convert for smart filters, zoom to 100%, and add a Smart Sharpen
  41. Perform an extreme crop and quickly show how to play with the list of sizing options and then that when all else fails hit the Clear button to make the tool a little easier to use
  42. With the crop in place, get to the Export As dialog box and show how to export a JPEG image at a reasonable quality and size.

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