Split-Screens in Premiere Pro (with Animation)

Split Screens in Premiere Pro (with Animation)

4-UP SPLIT SCREENS AND HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL SPLIT SCREENS IN PREMIERE! | Learn to create and animate multiple split-screen effects in Premiere Pro in this tutorial!

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will create an animated split-screen effect that will work as a vertical 2-across split screen effect, or a 2-up-and-down horizontal split screen, or a 4-up quad view video split screen. We’ll use a few effects and a little animation to build out this effect and I’ll teach you a trick to quickly copy this animation to any project by swapping the visual part of the video while saving all the animation and keyframes! Also, we have a free download if you just want a simple vertical, side-by-side, or horizontal, top-and-bottom, or 4-up grid split screen effect without any animation. I show you how to create the effect in about a minute using those free downloads in this video.

Grab the split-screen graphics download here!

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Right-click on woman running clip and create a new sequence. Name the sequence something other than the video clip name.
  2. Move 2 seconds into the clip and drag the second boats clip in on the track above.
  3. Use the Rate Stretch tool to stretch out the clip to match the durations (not really the best way to do this, just the fast, hacky way to line this stuff up here.)
  4. Select that second clip and set the x position to 2880 to move it off to the right side of the frame and activate animation
  5. Add a Crop effect to this clip and set a starting keyframe for the “Left” parameter
  6. NOTE: All the animations will take place over 20 frames or Shift + press right arrow 4x.
  7. Slide the x position of this clip to around 1305 or until the clip is showing the bits of boats we want to see. The keyframe and animation will automatically be created
  8. Now check out the Crop effect and animate the crop to trim the left edge of the clip so it aligns as close to perfect with the center of our video clip as we can make it
  9. Now use the same method to animate and crop the girl running clip to make it look like the second clip is pushing this clip over toward the left
  10. Nest these two clips and name it “2xSPLIT”
  11. Now move about 3 seconds past when this animation finishes and add the 3rd video clip starting here and trim it to the end of the nested clip and position it so the bit of video I want to see will be in the bottom half of the video
  12. Add a Crop Effect to this 3rd clip and adjust the Top parameter until it trims out clip to halfway up the video frame
  13. Now create the animation so it “fills up” from the bottom of the frame to reveal this clip (animate the Top parameter)
  14. Now move another three seconds down the timeline and add the 4th clip
  15. Scale this clip down to 67% and move it to the bottom right corner and position so you can see the plane in the bottom right rectangle of the video frame
  16. Add a Crop effect to this clip and trim Left and Top to get it as close to exactly lined up with the other clips as possible. TIP: tweak the clip position to get the clips all lined up exactly to the pixel!
  17. Add a keyframe for this clip 20 frames in from the beginning of the clip and then move to the beginning of the clip and slide the x position parameter to make this clip slide completely off frame to the right
  18. Now show how you can select any clip and replace the footage and set all four clips to the same clip and get another effect.
  19. Drag the divider PNGs into the doc and quickly show how to scale and move video clips into place (use mask if needed)

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