The FASTEST Way to Edit Video (Three-Point Editing) | Premiere Pro Tutorial


LEARN THREE-POINT EDITING AND EDIT LIKE A PRO! | Learn about what three-point editing is and why it’s so great! | We will go over exactly how and why you would use these techniques in Premiere and just how easy they are!

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, you’re going to learn all about three-point editing and what makes it so special when assembling your videos in Premiere Pro. (Three-point editing is actually possible in nearly all video editors out there, especially “professional” level NLE’s.) We’ll cover the many different ways you can perform three-point edits in Premiere and when you would want to do so. We’ll also have a little bonus tip throw in there with regard to the ultra sweet Slip tool that can be a massive time saver ESPECIALLY when working in a three-point editing workflow. So much awesome here, you’ve just gotta give it a watch for yourself.

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