How to Make Colorful Custom Light Leaks! Photoshop Tutorial


BRUSHING, BLURRING, AND BLENDING!! | Create a Custom Color Palette & Paint in Flares | We will cover creating a new color palette, adjusting the Brush tool to paint what we want, and how to blur and set up the file to work as a flare.

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Tutorial Breakdown

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll break down how to create a custom color palette in no time and then customize a brush head to paint randomly and also have each brush stroke interact with each other to be able to quickly paint out flares that will look cool! Once we’ve done the painting, we’ll cover different methods of blurring and how they will affect your light leaks and then we’ll make sure the file is ready to be saved as a JPEG so you can begin building your very own library of light leaks today!

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