3 Best NEW Premiere Pro Features of 2019!

3 Best NEW Premiere Pro Features of 2019!

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These are my top 3 favorite new features and updates for Premiere Pro from the April 2019 release. We’ll talk about the new Guides and Rulers (what took so long, Adobe?), the faster mask tracking, and the awesome new freeform view mode that I’m excited about but not yet sure how often I’ll use it. What are your favorite new updates of Premiere and what do you think Adobe should do next?

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Recording Notes:

Rulers and Guides (HELP LINK)


Making rulers and guides appear/disappear

Snapping to the guides

Change colors of the guides

Faster Mask Tracking (HELP LINK)


Mosaic at 70, elliptical mask over the rider’s face and track all properties forward and then backward.

01:53.30 w/ preview

00:18.49 w/o preview

LIKE TO SEE: better mask tracking in general, ability to track graphics, and ability to track pen tool masks with complex edges (like for walk-by transitions)

Freeform View (HELP LINK)



Enter freeform mode

Zoom panel to full screen with (`) key

Cmd/Ctrl + drag clips to duplicate

Alt drag to snap clips together

Select all clips and right click and align to grid

Zoom in and out with Cmd + scroll or pinch/zoom with trackpad

Select clip(s) and change size of thunbail

Hover + scrub and even set/remove in/out points for faster planning and editing

Show how to deliver an In/Out to the timeline

LIKE TO SEE: Better optimization. This view can run sluggish depending on the size of the project or the size of the media.

Auto-snapping if I move edges close enough (kind of how panels work.)

Haven’t used it enough yet to find anything else I’d love to see added to this.

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