Athlete Running Energy PHOTO MANIPULATION Photoshop Tutorial

Athlete Running Energy PHOTO MANIPULATION Photoshop Tutorial

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Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial that will create a scene on top of a tall building in San Francisco of an athlete running and having energy bursting off of her body as she runs by. You will learn to create this photo composite image and many of the techniques are things you would use in any Photoshop photo manipulation.

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Recording notes:

Start with shot of San Fran
Field Blur 20px and turn on Bokeh: 50% over 100% Light range: 230-255
Drag in the dusty concrete shot and rasterize it
Clip a Vibrance layer to this and boost the saturation +65
Rectangular marquee the back wall, feather it 5px, and cut to new layer
Set the newly cut layer to Screen and blend if
Drag in the fence and set to Multiply and duplicate across the frame (50% opacity for the fence)
Duplicate the fence and blur 5px and compress down using free transform reduce opacity to 10
Create a flattened brush head and paint the shadows at the base of each post.
Group all of the fence assets together and also the floor assets as well
Bring the running model in and mask her off the background (note the shadow)

Now we blend: Brightness, Saturation, and Color
Add B&W layer and select the B&W layer
Use the Eyedropper tool and drop points on the darkest bit of her and the background
Use the Eyedropper tool and drop points on the brightest bit of her and the background
Set sample points to output Grayscale
Add a Levels adjustment layer and clip it to the model and follow the eyedropper numbers
Delete B&W layer
Add a Saturation mask (-100 colors, +100 tones)
Use a Hue/Sat layer to target the color that need changing and make it work
Apply a 50% gray layer and set to Luminosity to break out the colors from the brightness
Apply a Color Balance layer and mix the colors up a bit
Copy the shadow from her image and paste it in and Blend if to mix it up a little
Use the brush tool to draw a shadow about the same as her’s and motion + Gaussian blur to blend
The direction of light on model. FLIP the platform to help it match more.
Drag in the foreground smoke and Screen + blend that
Color Balance the smoke to make it slightly blue

New layer>Clouds>Difference Clouds
Motion blur this at 0º and 1100px
Screen blend mode and blend if to drop away the blacks
Use Transform>Warp and Distort and push/pull these streaks into place
Duplicate this effect as much as needed to get enough streaks
Maks the streaks and fade them and needed
Group the streaks together
Apply a Hue/Sat clipped to the group and make them pink
Add a gradient mask to limit pink to the top of the streaks
Duplicate this Hue/Sat layer and invert the mask and make this color the lower streaks orange
Create a new layer and set the blend mode to Color Dodge and begin painting big dots of pink and orange as you see fit
Duplicate this layer and do the layer shaping transparency trick on this layer and set to Linear Light to get the kick
Merge the streak group and the hue/sat layers above it to a new layer and motion blur a bit
Move it above the Dots of light layers (use flare brushes?)
Set the to Color Dodge and duplicate a few times and build out the glow
Add a 500-1000px motion blur to each of the streak layers and see how it blends together

Create new layer down near the shadows and create a selection with Elliptical marquee
Fill with the orange from our streaks and blur about 75 px
Transform it down almost flat for the floor and set to blend mode until it looks good
Merge all to new layer and High Pass punch it
Curves to add contrast
Add Lens flare into sky behind the model
Add an Amber LUT, set to Soft Light and reduce opacity until it looks good
Do any additional color grading or balance here
Select all background element layers and group them
Duplicate this group and merge it together
Motion blur 20px or so side-to-side to imply the motion.
Any final sharpening and grain goes now.

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