RETOUCH and Make Eyes Look AMAZING with Photoshop CC!

RETOUCH and Make Eyes Look AMAZING with Photoshop CC!

Learn how to retouch eyes in this Photoshop CC 2019 tutorial!
We’ll a few adjustment layers, some healing, a couple of masks, and a few blend modes to transform her eyes.

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create a new layer
  2. Use the Healing Brush set to the Lighten blend mode and Sample Current and Below and paint away eye veins
  3. Use the white handle for the Blend If slider for This Layer and split it and drag about to the middle to blend the cover up a little
  4. Add 1.5px of noise to really blend the patch
  5. Add Vibrance layer at -100 vibrance and fill the mask with black. Paint with 50% opacity white brush over the whites of the eyes to neutralize the color
  6. Use the Healing brush tool to get rid of mineral spots on the iris using the Lighten or Darken blend modes
  7. Create 2x Curves layers. Set one to Color Dodge and one to Color Burn
  8. Add a black filled mask to each layer
  9. Work with the burn layer first
  10. Drag selection over the iris and then drag a second selection by holding down Shift + Alt/Opt to trim the top of the ellipse away and save just a perfect selection of the iris
  11. Use a large 40px or so brush set to 100% opacity and painting white and place the center of the brush just outside of the selection and paint one swathe around the selection to feather in darkness for the edge of the iris
  12. Deselect and Gaussian blur this about 5px
  13. Reduce the brush opacity to 10% and paint the edges of the whites of the eyes a little
  14. Add some darkness to the lashes and a little around the edges of the eye as well
  15. With a brush about the size of the iris, click once or twice in the middle of the pupil to feather in some darkness around the pupil as well
  16. Reduce the opacity of this adjustment layer until it looks right
  17. Select the dodge Curves layer and paint in that mask using a white 1px brush set to 100% opacity
  18. Paint strokes that follow the “ridges” of the iris all the way around the bottom part of the iris
  19. Add extra emphasis to the side of the iris that is directly across from the catchlight
  20. Add a touch of light across the top edge of the bottom eyelid
  21. Gaussian blur this mask 1px
  22. Paint over the existing catchlight to give it some sting
  23. Create a new blank layer and set it to Overlay and grab a white brush set to 100% opacity
  24. Use that same white 1px brush at 100% opacity to paint additional “kicks” into the eye and blur this all 1px as well
  25. Reduce the opacity of the Curves adjustment layer and this second highlight layer a bit
  26. NOTE: When the highlights are overdone or too overpowering, the eyes tend to transform into a not-very-good looking aspect of your subject’s face. When in doubt, reduce opacity an additional 20%

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