AMAZING Colorful Sparkling Ring ILLUSTRATOR CC Tutorial

AMAZING Colorful Sparkling Ring ILLUSTRATOR CC Tutorial

Learn all about the true power of math and the Transform effect in this advanced Illustrator CC tutorial!

We’ll create a logo icon based on the Sparkle Website builder Mac app logo icon. Learn how to use snapping, smart guides, the Pen Tool, freeform gradients, and more!


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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. New document 2560×1440
  2. Create a rectangle filled with #f1f4f6
  3. Turn on Smart Guides AND Snap to Point
  4. Create a polygon 200px radius with 9 points and reflect it vertically
  5. Create two lines by holding down shift and dragging across the document as well as up and down the document
  6. I’ll select all of these shapes and lines and align them to the center of the document
  7. Use the Pen Tool to draw a perfect triangle on top of the polygon
  8. Show how the geometric center of the polygon is not in line with the center lines and what this does to a Transform effect applied to this
  9. Show the little center dot which is the geometric center and nudge it down to line it up
  10. Reattach the triangle to the top of the polygon
  11. Group the triangle and the centering lines
  12. Apply a Transform effect and see how the triangles line up perfectly
  13. Expand the appearance of this effect
  14. Use the Pen tool and draw a shape in between the “peaks” of our triangles (Smart Guides and the lines will help ensure it’s perfectly symmetrical for us)
  15. Use the Pen tool to draw the triangle on the top left side of new shape we just drew
  16. Copy the triangle and flip it horizontally
  17. Select those three new triangles and group them up
  18. Use the Magic Wand tool to select all green lines and delete them
  19. Create new centering lines and align them, etc… double check the geometric center is still correct
  20. Group the lines along with the new group of triangles
  21. Apply that same Transform effect to this group that we did for the triangles
  22. Expand the appearance of this new effect
  23. Use the magic wand again to get rid of the green lines
  24. Ungroup everything until you have a bunch of shapes
  25. Use the color chart and grayscale all these shapes according to that
  26. Group all these shapes back together
  27. Duplicate this group of shapes
  28. Shut off the group on top and fill the second group with black and add a 20pt stroke with rounded corners
  29. Go Object>Expand and expand the stroke
  30. Use the Pathfinder panel and hit the Unite button
  31. Add a freeform gradient to this shape and add “dots” near each point on the inner polygon shape
  32. Turn on the top group of shapes again and ungroup it and turn off the Bounding Box and set the fill to black and choose Grayscale in the pop out menu and use the color chart to add the correct values to begin the color effect and then set the layer to Luminosity in the Transparency panel
  33. Build out a shadow beneath the shape and this it up!

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