Photoshop HACK – Double Layer Mask Trick In Photoshop

Photoshop HACK - Double Layer Mask Trick In Photoshop

Use this technique to be able to add multiple layer masks to a single layer in Photoshop. We’ll cover a way to make layer masks in Photoshop even more non-destructive than they already are. If you use layer masks, you’ll love this quick tip Photoshop tutorial!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Use this when you have a perfect hair mask and don’t want to taint it
  2. Use this when you’re masking multiple textures and want them in different masks
  3. Use this when you use Select and Mask in multiple passes and want to mask out different chunks of the photo at a time
  4. Use the model cut out in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  5. Explain quickly the clipped layers
  6. Make sure to select all those layers to keep the group clean and easy (you could clip all these layers to the group, but that’s not for this tutorial, keep it as simple as you can.)
  7. Add a layer mask to the group and you’re good to go.
  8. Show wiping away some hair with a hair brush

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