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Hidden Photoshop Tricks that you should know! We’ll talk about ten different things you can do in Photoshop that are really handy and helpful to know especially for photographers using Photoshop.  We’ll talk about the bird’s eye view, painting on selections, blending adjustment layers, the hidden banana tool, HUD brush selector, hidden Photoshop sharpening views, and much more!

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Recording notes:

  1. Bird’s Eye View by zooming in, holding “H” and click and drag anywhere
  2. HUD brush size changer by pressing Ctrl + Opt on the Mac or Alt +Right Clicking on PC && HUD color changer by Make sure you have OpenGL settings turned on in your Preferences (Cmd/Ctrl + K) and on the Mac hit Ctrl + Opt + Cmd and click or Shift + Alt + Right-click on the PC
  3. Spacebar while dragging a selection to move it (also for Pen Tool + anchor points)
  4. Get the banana tool
  5. Color range sliders in Hue/Saturation
  6. Adjustment Layer + blend mode for quick contrast/brightness changes
  7. Curves with Luminosity blend mode && blend if sliders
  8. Paint a selection with Quick Mask
  9. Alt/Opt dragging Camera Raw sharpening sliders
  10. Disable Home Screen in Preferences to get right to work

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