Five NEW Things in Photoshop CC 2018 That You MUST Know!

Five NEW Things in Photoshop CC 2018 That You MUST Know!

LEARN ALL THE BEST FROM PHOTOSHOP CC 2018! | In this video I’ll share with you my five favorite new features in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a look at the what and how of my favorite new features in Photoshop CC 2018. We’ll check out the newly improved Select & Mask with its new algorithmic power, we’ll explore the useful new Color and Luma masking tools in Camera RAW editor, we’ll check out the Variable type controls that transform a single font into a font with thousands of variations, we’ll check out the simple, ew Curvature Pen and how you can make and edit paths with it, and we’ll explore a really nifty and useful feature for helping you create the most smooth and beautiful strokes of paint with the Brush tool. These are my five favorite new things in Photoshop CC 2018!

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  • Improved Select & Mask
    • Magic wand to select the model
    • Refine edge and use Smart Radius and smoothing to clean up edges
    • Tweak edges with Soft Light brush
    • Get more accurate and realistic results with algorithm and performance improvements, especially in cases where the foreground and background color are similar. Other usability and performance improvements include faster Quick Mask and more intuitive view mode settings.
  • Color and Luma Masks in Camera RAW
    • Take tomato photo into Camera RAW and show the Color Mask options to desaturate the tomatoes
  • Variable Fonts
    • Type something out and show the updated Properties panel + variable type using the Acumin typeface
  • Curvature Pen Tool
    • Tool may need to be added to your toolbar
    • Draw droplets/horns above the glass
    • Deselect shape
    • Reselect using Direct Selection, right-click with Curvature tool to remove anchor point
  • Brush Smoothing
    • Load in Legacy brushes and find the calligraphy brushes
    • Turn on smoothing and show the settings
    • Draw something on the document

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