Five MUST KNOW New Features of Illustrator CC 2018

Five MUST KNOW New Features of Illustrator CC 2018

LEARN ABOUT SOME COOL NEW FEATURES OF ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CC 2018! | We’ll check out the new Puppet Warp tool, Scrolling text edits, Properties panel goodness, and more!

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we will unwrap and check out five of my favorite new features and upgrades in Illustrator CC 2018. I’ll show you how cool the new Properties panel is and why it will probably save you a ton of time and we’ll break down how to use the Puppet Warp feature with ease. There are a few other cool features thrown in there as well that I really think you’re going to love!

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  • New Properties Panel
    • Editing in context when selecting shapes, quick access to options, alignment, pathfinder options, positioning and transform options
  • Live Previews of Text Edits
    • Hover over input fields and scroll the mouse wheel
  • Puppet Warp Tool
    • Select artwork and use the Puppet Warp tool to place at least three pins and reference the Properties panel to adjust the mesh overlay
    • Drag a point to start tweaking the body
  • Exporting Assets w/ Asset Export Panel
    • Used to have to create an artboard for each type of artwork you wanted to export and each combination of pieces of your artwork that you needed to export
    • Now drag pieces of artwork right into the Asset Export panel to list them all out as individual objects to be exported (you can also drag a layer group in and it will honor the group and export that as a single graphic)
    • You can group multiple pieces as a single export by dragging those pieces of artwork into the Asset Export panel while holding the Alt/Opt key
    • Rename assets in the panel to ensure a nice filename
    • Each “version” of the graphic that you export out will get grouped into it’s own folder (all 1x, 2x, 3x, SVG, etc… together into a folder.
  • More Artboards. Now up to 1,000 artboards (older versions of AI were limited to 100 artboards.)

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