Learn about adjustments, masking, and color effects in this Photoshop tutorial!

We’ll create a composite image of a ship ready to slide off the edge of the earth by using transforms, masks, color and tone adjustments, custom brushing, and MUCH more in this intermediate to advanced Photoshop tutorial. Thanks for watching and please share with your friends!


Ocean: https://adobe.ly/2WMzOvB

Clouds: https://adobe.ly/2MQ6YWo

Boat: https://adobe.ly/2BlrObQ

Rain: https://adobe.ly/2SeI1tw

Water Brush Pack (free): http://bit.ly/2RHbXcS

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Open the ocean image
  2. Duplicate the layer and name one “Vertical” and one “Flat”
  3. Use the Poly Lasso to make angled line from top right corner back toward bottom left of image
  4. Mask away this chunk from the “Flat” layer
  5. Rotate the “Vertical” layer 90º and flip vertically to change up the lighting and move until it works as the “edge” of the earth
  6. Create selection over the water with Rect marquee and mask/clip two Levels layers to the “side”
  7. Grab the brushes and blend the sky as best you can
  8. Also blend the edge of water as well with water brushes
  9. Round off the back corner of our earth’s edge as I did in the pre-run example
  10. Mask sky into place and texture the ege where it meets the water with a brush
  11. Add a Levels layer to really darken the scene: 0-0.4-255 – – 15-200 and mask to a 500px soft brush line across both horizons (blur that mask 300px in addition)
  12. Add B&W layer and clip a Curves adjustment to the clouds and match brightness and contrast to the ocean as you you’re able
  13. Clip a Hue/Sat layer above this and reduce teh saturation of the Reds and Yellows to help the sky saturation match that of the foreground.
  14. Add another Curve layer just above the ocean and darken up bits of the ocean that need it to better match the sky’s reflected light
  15. Add a layer and paint an edge highlight all around the ocean/ground eges and set to Overlay blend mode and adjust opacity if needed to match
  16. Create a new layer and add a black to transparent gradient from the bottom right corner to darken the bottom sky and side of the world
  17. Adjust opacity and maybe mask a little to blend it in
  18. Grab the boat that is already masked and paste it into this doc
  19. Scale and sdjust the boat
  20. Tilt the boat and mask splashes for realism
  21. Add B&W layer to isolate the boat and match the brightness levels better with Curves adjustment layer
  22. Create a new layer and paint white water splashes to blend the boat
  23. Add a Hue/Sat layer and -50 Saturation or so
  24. Add rain texture and Screen and Blend If to make it leave the bright area and turn off the R channel to make the rain cyan colored
  25. Duplicate the layer and make some bigger foreground rain that is 10px blurred.
  26. Reduce the opacity of both layers until it looks good
  27. Go back to the clouds layer and add a Field blur to blur the bottom part of the clouds and add depth
  28. Add a Channel Mixer – Monochrome – Multiply blend mode – 70% opacity
  29. Add Selective Color and boost the black in Blacks -10
  30. Add a LUT and use teh Green/Teal LUT
  31. Merge all to new layer, convert to Smart Object, and add clarity, sharpening, grain, bump the curves, etc…
  32. BOOM!

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