Create a Video Game Title Logo Effect Photoshop CC

Create a Video Game Title Logo Effect Photoshop CC

CREATE THIS BATTALION 1944 TEXT EFFECT IN THIS PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL! | In this tutorial I’ll walk through creating this simple Battalion 1944 text effect using simple shapes and type in Photoshop.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll use simple tools in Photoshop to create some type and a few custom brushes to texturize and take this text effect to the next level! Use the download links here to get all the resources that you need here:

Headliner No. 45 Font:
Download the subtle brush kit:
Download the Grubby Grunge Brush pack:
Download the Soldier Brush pack:
Download the painted brush stroke Brush pack:

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create new document at 2560×1440 and fill black background
  2. Import all 4 brush packs into Photoshop for our use.
  3. Mention that you’ll need to install the font we’re using as well.
  4. Type out “Battalion” use the Headliner No. 45 font, #FFFFFF, 200pt size, and 129% horizontal scale AND tick on all caps.
  5. Duplicate the text layer and change fill to #ca0100 and use the Free Transform tool to stretch the text horizontally to reveal some of the red edging.
  6. Type out “19” and fill with #ca0100 and set the size to 75pt, 110% vertical scaling, and 160% horizontal scaling. Place to the right of the text.
  7. Duplicate this text and change to “44” and move below the “19”
  8. Align so the top of 19 is at top of Battalion text
  9. Align so bottom of 44 is at bottom of Battalion text
  10. Position so far left edge of “44” is 20 pixels from the right-vertical of the white “N”
  11. Align the “19” above that by aligning the left side of the “1” to the left side of the vertical stem in the “4” below it
  12. Add a 160x30px rectangle shape between the numbers and fill this with #ca0100
  13. Add a mask to the “44” layer and use the Poly lasso to cut out the 4’s like we need them.
  14. Add a layer above the “19” and use the Poly lasso to add a node at the top of the “1” to balance the text more.
  15. Select all of these text/graphic layers and group them together.
  16. Add a layer mask.
  17. Use the Subtle brush kit first and click a couple times with a black foreground color to add some good texture.
  18. Then use a hard-edged brush and paint white into the middle areas of the letters to keep them clear of the grungy texturing.
  19. Open the Grubby Brush Elements pack and start roughening the edges, use the scratch brushes to paint scratches, use the brush rotation tool to put some of these scratches on an angle and have some fun with this part. (don’t overdo it, though!)
  20. Create 3x layers below this graphic group we just masked and name the layers from the bottom up, Dark Red, Red Red, Soldier.
  21. Open the Free Brush stroke pack, choose the Dark Red layer, and paint using brushes rotated to 90º and set to 1200px size and set the foreground color to #931c1a and paint a couple times to make a nice brush stroke.
  22. Move to the Red Red layer and paint a couple strokes with a 1000px brush using the color #be0100
  23. Move to the Soldier layer and grab the brush kit that has the toy soldiers and choose one and resize until it fits. The important thing that I did here was make sure the bottom of the soldier goes through the bottom of our brush strokes. (This paint swath should run from the middle of the “T” to the middle of the “I”.)

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