DESIGN Professional Logos from a SKETCH! (Firefox Logo in Illustrator!)

DESIGN Professional Logos from a SKETCH! (Firefox Logo in Illustrator!)

TAKE A FEW MOMENTS TO CREATE THE FIREFOX LOGO FROM A SKETCH! | Use lots of paths, blend modes, and gradients to create a very realistic Firefox logo in Adobe Illustrator.


In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, I’ll work with an older sketch of mine that I drew in my 18 months to better drawing/sketch everyday challenge that I gave myself. We’ll trace our sketch with the Pen tool and use the Pathfinder to create precise and custom shapes with ease and then we’ll begin the coloring process using a custom color scheme that we created to build out the colors, blends, gradients, shadows, and highlights of this iconic and freshly-redesigned web browser logo. Thanks for watching!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create new 2560×1440 document in RGB
  2. Drag in the sketch
  3. Create 8 swatches with these colors — #4093d0 – #4b2a72 – #be1d7b – #ee2f36 – #f99e1d – #ffcc06 – #fceb03 – #fbef55
  4. Lock background layer and name it “assets”
  5. Drag out an ellipse with only a yellow stroke to follow the world under the fox. 5pt the stroke for easy seeing
  6. Trace all parts of the logo sketch with the pen tool and use a yellow stroke for this as well.
  7. Copy the strokes and paste them off the artboard to begin the coloring process
  8. Go back and select all the lines over the sketch and GROUP THEM!
  9. Add a radial gradient to the globe #4093d0 to #4b2a72 and use the Grad tool to get the right angle/look
  10. Use the pen tool to create 6x curved lines with only a stroke on them
  11. Start with the left-most line and change the stroke colors to: #be1d7b – #ee2f36 – #f99e1d – #ffcc06 – #fceb03 – #fbef55
  12. Go Object>Blend?Blend Options and choose specified steps-200 and start making these blends.
  13. Select all the pieces of the pen tool strokes that make up the base of the fox shape (snout, ear, paw, flick by the tail) and copy them and paste in front/push layers to the front
  14. Swap stroke to fill and use Pathfinder to make the full shape.
  15. Cut the artwork to the clipboard and add mask to the blend shape and paste this in place and fill with white in CLIPPED mask
  16. Push this masked blend down so it’s JUST on top of the globe and lock up both layers so we don’t disturb them
  17. Grab the ear and the overall outline and use the Pathfinder to Divide them and then ungroup and merge the overlapped area back into the fox shape using UNITE in the Pathfinder panel.
  18. Also combine the little paw into the main shape and adjust to make sure it lines up properly. (We will remask if we need to)
  19. Do this for all the little shade areas.
  20. Remask if needed.
  21. Start by selecting the ear and apply the less saturated gradient and use grad tool to adjust as needed and set to Multiply and reduce opacity to 45%
  22. Next, grab the snout, shadow between snout&paw, paw bottom shadow, and apply the less saturated gradient and set to Soft Light
  23. Grab the four notch shapes on the tail and apply the more saturated red gradient and set them all to Multiply@100% except the one near the end of the tail, that one is Hard Light@40%opacity
  24. Use the Pen tool and draw the tail highlight and link it into the second from bottom notch point (see example!)
  25. Fill this with a white to     trans gradient and set to SoftLight@100%
  26. Draw a shadow stripe for the inside of the tail and fill that with the less saturated red gradient and set to Soft Light and adjust the gradient stops to get a good fade
  27. Merge shapes as needed to make sure we have a full fox outline and copy and paste this full shape in place
  28. Fill it with the darkest blue/purple in our scheme and drag it between the fox and the globe and transform it to squeeze it in and up/down to create the inner shadow that we want.
  29. Set to Color Burn@505opacity.
  30. Tweak and adjust the shadow with the Direct Selection tool as needed.

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