City-in-a-Cup PHOTO MANIPULATION Photoshop Tutorial

City-in-a-Cup PHOTO MANIPULATION Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a look at building a photo manipulation of a city in a coffee cup. We will learn about making selections, masking, layering to create illusions, building shadows, compositing elements together into a single image, and much more! I hope you enjoy it.

Inspiration for this tutorial.
Cup photo by deanna alys on Unsplash
Photo of Chicago
Photo of Airplane
Photo of Hot air balloons
Photo of Birds
Clouds brush

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Recording notes:

  • Open the cup image and get rid of the logo via Content-Aware Fill
  • Cut the cup off the background and build out a shadow under the cup based on the shadow in the photo
  • Create a new document 6000×6000 and drag the mug over
  • Center it up and add a gradient background radial grad 95% – 75% brightness
  • Add a grain layer to give the background texture
  • Clip a Vibrance layer to the cup and reduce saturation
  • Open the Chicago photo and cut the skyline from the sky
  • Compress the skyline and merge the layers and drag into the mug image
  • Drag it into position and mask to the latte of the mug and mask away the edges of the skyline
  • Clip a Curves layer and brighten and flatten contrast a tiny bit
  • Clip a Curves layer and set to Multiply and fill mask with black and dab shadowy areas in
  • Clip a Color Balance layer M:+40/0/-25 H: +12/+5/-15 S: +35/-25/+25
  • Add layer above all this stuff and select the latte area of the mug and use a very soft-edged brush and paint in a shadow and adjust opacity as needed
  • Create a new layer and paint in some clouds and mask behind the buildings
  • Add an airplane to the scene and clip a Hue/Sat layer to the airplane and tweak the color and saturation
  • Add the hot air balloons and clip another Hue/Sat layer and tweak
  • Use channels to select the flock of birds and position them under the cloud layer and tweak until it looks good
  • Create an orange sun in the middle of the skyline
  • Add a LUT layer using FUJI F125 Kodak 2395 and use Blend If to bring back the clouds a bit
  • Add another grain layer above everything

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