Bridge Out-of-focus Polaroid Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Bridge Out-of-focus Polaroid Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Photo manipulation Photoshop tutorial. This tutorial will talk about using layers and masks to create this really cool bridge out-of-focus through a Polaroid photo manipulation effect. Hope you enjoy it!

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Recording notes:

  • Open bridge image
  • Duplicate and make a Smart Object
  • Blur this duplicate 35px
  • Mask image of the hand and drag into the bridge shot and rotate it
  • Knock out middle of polaroid with mask
  • Rectangular marquee over the middle and mask away the blurred layer for this area
  • Mask away the bottom white of the polaroid so it fades behind the guy
  • Create new layer, name it “Shadow” and clip it to the guy
  • Sample a very dark green off the background and fade in a shadow
  • Mask in/out blur to show the bridge rails
  • Clip a 50% gray layer to the hand/polaroid and use the burn tool to darken the hand
  • Clip a Vibrance layer and reduce vibrance -70
  • Add a 15px High Pass layer and set to Soft Light with 30% opacity
  • Color Balance: M/-45/0/+35 S/-50/0/+85 H/0/0/-15 (uncheck preserve luminosity)
  • Curves to boost the blacks and pull down on shadows a little bit
  • LUT: HorrorBlue at around 75% opacity
  • Selective Color and push blues into the blacks

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