5 MUST KNOW tricks for BETTER selections in Photoshop

Master these tricks of Select and Mask, adding superpower to the Brush tool, global mask adjustments, and more to take your selections to the next level! Great selections are essential in Photoshop and this Photoshop tutorial will help you get better selections right away.

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Recording notes:

  • Select and Mask Feather+Contract (hand + lemon added to Tower of Terror
  • Select the subject and Select and Mask and use Feather/Contrast/Contract and export a new layer + mask
  • Add to a new document
  • Select the object, contract 20px, feather 45px, inverse selection
  • Sample a color from the new scene and paint over the edges and set to Hue/Color/SOFT LIGHT and reduce the opacity to blend
  • Soft Light Brushing (select hair)
  • Woman with the white dress. 
  • Levels the outputted mask (select a sky)
  • Decontaminate Colors (Eagle moved to new snowy background)Eagle: https://unsplash.com/photos/lOYyakxnMu0
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