Moody Vietnam Sunset Illustration – Illustrator Tutorial

Moody Vietnam Sunset Illustration - Illustrator Tutorial

Learn to create this moody sunset illustration from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll learn some cool tricks to build out color, build shapes using a tablet, and much, much more.

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Recording notes:

  • New document sized: 800×600 and set it to RGB color mode
  • Load in the colors we’ll use
  • Load in the sketch and place it on a new layer and set it to Multiply + lock it up
  • Create base sky with a rectangle and a gradient of the first two colors as a radial gradient
  • Create a sun a little smaller than the sketch and fill with thirds color and set to 80% opacity and offset path 20px and reduce opacity of each copy by 15% opacity
  • Group all rings of the sun together
  • Create rays of sun light floating up there with Curvature Pen
  • Create a mask on this overall layer to clip everything into this layer
  • Grab pencil and set to your preference and choose the tick second-closest to accurate
  • Start drawing mountains in the back first
  • Draw all the mountains out––add color as you go
  • Create rectangle for the water and drag below all the mountains
  • Adjust the water line where needed
  • Add radial gradient to the water and adjust as needed
  • Mask the bottom of the sun so it hides behind the hills
  • Group all mountains together and duplicate them
  • Fill with a white to white gradient with the right handle set to 0% opacity, rotated to 90º, and the left handle to 30% opacity
  • Open both groups of shapes and drag each mountain’s highlight/glow to just above the mountain to which it belongs
  • Create a radial gradient glow from the sun area using the same gradient as the sun and mask behind the front hill faces
  • Draw the man on the boat using pencil or pen tool and fill with a dark color
  • Expand any strokes to fill and then group all shapes together
  • Duplicate the group and flip upside down and reduce opacity to make reflection on water.
  • Use Wrinkle tool to mix up the reflection
  • Build out boat reflection a little more
  • Use the pencil tool and start scribbling in reflections along the coastlines
  • Move each shadow just above the water (auto masking it in place essentially) and reduce opacity to anywhere between 35%-10% opacity
  • Tweak it until it’s looking good

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