Create Realistic NEW Mac Pro in Adobe Illustrator

Create Realistic NEW Mac Pro in Adobe Illustrator

You can save $35,000 and get the new Mac Pro by making one for yourself in Adobe Illustrator. It looks just as nice and because this is vector it can be scaled up as big as you’d ever want. Learn how to draw a Mac Pro in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial!

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Recording notes:

  • New document 2560×1440
  • Create a grid that has a line every 10px
  • Create background rectangle with #fbfbfb as the apple light gray color
  • Create 300×590 rectangle for tower
  • Fill the shape with a gradient that has points at 0%-3%-12%–88%-97%-100% with colors:
  • #fbfbfb-#c0c1c3-#e6e7e8–#e6e7e8-#c0c1c3-#fbfbfb
  • Create rounded rectangle240x780 with 45px rounded corners
  • Slap a colored 20pt inner stroke onto this shape. No fill.
  • Drag out a small ellipse that is 2×2 cells on our grid large
  • Fill with a custom chrome/metal gradient at 90º
  • Duplicate the shape and drag it across the document
  • Change the blending options to specified steps with 1000 steps
  • Select both ellipses and create the blend
  • Duplicate this blend to have two chrome ”worms”
  • Use the scissors tool to split the rounded rectangle path in two
  • Select one chrome “worm” and one path and use the Blend menu to replace the spine.
  • Do the same for the other part of the handle. Tweak the direction of the spine if you need to.
  • Move handle below the computer case and add the same gradient to the feet and ensure they cover the bottom of the stand
  • Drag out two feet with the rectangle tool and place them
  • Mask bottom of the handle verticals if needed
  • Create a 26×26 ellipse and fill with a radial gradient #f2f2f2 to #666666
  • Use the gradient tool to adjust the gradient to look right
  • Create a 14×10 oval using the ellipse tool and fill with #1f1f1f
  • Apply a transform that duplicates the oval 3x, move H: -7px and V: 12px and rotate 120º
  • Duplicate the shape so eight of them are aligned and spaced across the top of the tower 1 cell from the top and 3 cells in from each side
  • Create the second row of holes with only seven holes across one cell inward on each side
  • Duplicate this until you have 20x rows
  • Duplicate the row of 8 holes and move that to the bottom one cell width from the bottom
  • Ungroup some of the shapes and expand the transformed ovals and tweak the edge holes as they are in the Apple official shot
  • Create a new rounded rectangle size 984×566 with 8px corners filled with black
  • Create a rectangle size 961×542 and center it within the rounded rectangle (fill with any color)
  • Create a rectangle 250×250 and fill with a radial gradient going #ececec to #cdcdcd and tweak with the gradient tool so the light center of the gradient sit between the 2-3 o’clock position of the monitor stand
  • Create another rectangle 250×14 and drag to the bottom of the stand and fill with linear gradient with points at 0-3-8-12 and 88-92-97-100
  • Set these four colors for each side (mirrored)
  • #dcdcdc-#b7b7b7-#e8e8e8-#d1d1d1
  • Create two rubber feet for the stand by creating two 30×1 rectangles filled with black
  • Position them 5-6px in from the edge of the stand on each side
  • Duplicate the front gradient metal up from the bottom piece for the shadow at the bend in the stand
  • Create a gradient that goes 90º with colors #8e8e8e at 0% – #f2f2f2 at 35% and #f2f2f2 at 100% (reduced to 0% opacity)
  • Mask some artwork onto the screen and you’re done.

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