How to Make a FORTNITE SCAR in Adobe Illustrator!

How to Make a FORTNITE SCAR in Adobe Illustrator!

LEARN TO DRAW THIS AWESOME ARTWORK VERSION OF A PIECE OF FORTNITE! | We’ll cover importing a sketch, creating basic shapes, refining shapes, adding outlines, shadows and highlights, and much more!

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In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll transform a rough sketch of the SCAR from Fortnite into a slick and smooth graphic. We’ll go through the entire process of creating the shapes, refining the shapes, rounding corners, punching out holes, adding texture, adding scratches, building out highlights and shadows to give our flat shapes some depth and dimension, and we’ll cover a ton of Illustrator tools and general technique I use when approaching a project like this! I hope you enjoy it!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Drag in middle progress sketch
  2. Use rectangle tool and Pen Tool to draw your base shapes
  3. Color the shapes a few different colors and use the Push  forward/backward with Cmd/Ctrl + [ or ]
  4. Align and trim with Align panel and Pathfinder panel
  5. Trim out muzzle break
  6. Select shapes one at a time and use the Effects>Stylize>Round Corners at 5px
  7. Manually rounded corners where needed and extend the path as needed
  8. Once all shapes are in place, group them and then duplicate the group
  9. Dump the fill of this new group and place a 5pt stroke with rounded ends and corners
  10. Go and clip and trim what needs to be to make all the strokes work
  11. Use the Pen Tool to draw different elements and textures/scratches on the rifle (use the Width Tool to create more dynamic looking lines, etc…)
  12. Create the waffle grip texture on the handle
  13. Use the Pen Tool to draw in lines for highlights and shadows and set these black/white lines to Soft Light
  14. Drag in the SCAR artwork and sample colors from that. Keep the overall color palette simple. 5-6 colors MAX.
  15. Lock up the strokes group and select all the other grouped shapes and duplicate them
  16. Set them all to the same color and merge them all together and apply a 10pt outer-aligned stroke, black, with rounded corners and ends. Also, get rid of any effects applied to this via the Appearance Panel.
  17. Drag this outer stroke the the bottom of the layer stack.

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