Make a Text Crash/Bounce Animation Effect – After Effects Tutorial

Text Crash/Bounce Animation Effect - After Effects Tutorial

Learn about keyframing, creating smooth animations, easing, and more in this After Effects tutorial!

We’ll create a zooming in text effect that smashes two pieces of text together and merge it into one with a perfect bounce collision.

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. New composition 3840 x 2160, 60fps, 05:00seconds
  2. Drag in the twitter logo asset and video background
  3. Turn on the safe zone guides
  4. Type out “@nathaniel” using a Acumin Pro Condensed font set to 96% gray at a size of 65px and +25 tracking
  5. Tweak the baseline shift to lift the “@” symbol if needed
  6. Align this text left
  7. Line up the text with the twitter logo and get it into the bottom left corner of the safe zone
  8. Pick whip the twitter icon to the text layer to ensure that these layers move together as we animate, etc…
  9. Duplicate both of these layers up and drag the text/icon to the center and then hide this layer
  10. Get back to the layers that are visible
  11. Over ten frames zoom the text in from nothing and add a bump of zoom to the end using the Graph
  12. Add a Directional Blur to this text and leave it at 0º and keyframe a 15px blur frame0:0px – frame7:15px – frame10:0px. Easy easy this whole thing
  13. Move 2seconds down the timeline and add new keyframes for the Blur direction and blur amount and also for the layer’s Transform>Position parameter
  14. Move back one frame and add another keyframe for Direction and keep this one at 0º, and then change the second keyframe to 90º
  15. Move three keyframes down the timeline and add a keyframe here for the blur amount and set it to 30px and Easy Ease this little animation
  16. Move ten frames further down the timeline and add a keyframe here for the Transform>Position parameter and slide the text to the center of the composition
  17. Easy ease this animation, but also use the Graph Editor to have the text bump outward before rushing toward the middle
  18. Right-click the “Position” in the layers panel and choose to “Separate Dimensions” and then use the tangent handles that appear to create the long, flat animation bump needed for this effect
  19. Duplicate the text and twitter icon layer
  20. Drag to the right side of the frame
  21. Change the text to “@dodson”
  22. Adjust the keyframes to ensure this animation works from this side
  23. Tweak the Graph Editor to make the bump out animation on this side
  24. Trim the layers back to where this animation crashes together
  25. Turn on that duplicate of layers that we created way back at the beginning of the tutorial
  26. Change the text to “tutvid”
  27. Trim the beginning of these two layers to the exact point where the text crashes together
  28. Add a keyframe for the text on the Transform>Scale parameter and unlink the constrain proportion and set the width to 70%
  29. Move 12 frames down the timeline and reset the width to 100% and Easy ease this
  30. Add a bump out using the Graph Editor
  31. Add a Directional blur to this text as well: 90º at 45px and add a keyframe right when this text appears for the blur amount parameter
  32. Move 10 frames down the timeline and drop another keyframe reducing the blur from 45px to 0px
  33. Select the Direction Blur under this text and select the twitter icon layer and paste this blur to duplicate the blur with the frames and animation onto this twitter icon layer as well

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