30 Music & Band Websites For Design Inspiration

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Musician’s website can be amazing showcases of some really great web work, but often their websites seems to fall flat. That even goes for established superstars. Below I have compiled a list of some great musician websites that I think are worth checking out.

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CSS Tutorial: Image Replacement/Link Logo To Homepage

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We can use CSS to place a linked image to our homepage using CSS in a way that is search engine optimized, loads fast, and is more accessible. This is known as “CSS Image Replacement”. Let’s explore my favorite method of placing a logo on my website using CSS to display an image instead of text for my logo.


Sky Replacement – Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

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For a portrait or landscape photographer it is often extremely important to be able to replace a sky here and there when the weather or clouds are not cooperating with the look you want. In addition, replacing a sky is a quick and sure-fire way to drama, mood, and color to just about any photo.


May 18th Design Inspiration: Articles, Artwork, and Tutorials

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How to Create a Beautiful Mixed Media Illustration 20 Really Inspirational Fashion Website Designs Showcase of Amazing Geometric & Polygonal Artwork How to Draw a Monster on a Real Picture Free 200 Map Icons for Google Maps in PSD Vector Shape format How to Create a Semi-Realistic Graphics Tablet in Adobe Illustrator 25 Outstanding Google

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35 Epic Movie Posters w/ Great Photography & Photoshop

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Movie posters contain some of the most visually stunning and technically beautiful artwork and photography of everything we see today. I am very pop-culture stupid and don’t really keep up on movies and what’s hot, but my frequent internet usage and social media-watching keeps me informed to a certain degree. These are posters that I’ve set aside of hundreds that I’ve looked at as posters containing great artwork, concepts, and-most importantly-great photography and Photoshop work. Take a look for yourself and enjoy!

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Drop Cap Effect w/ :first-letter – CSS3 Tutorial

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Using a little bit of CSS3 we can quickly create a cool magazine style drop cap letter effect, or in other ways decorate the first letter of our paragraphs in any website. It’s fairly simple, let’s begin!