Drop Cap Effect w/ :first-letter – CSS3 Tutorial

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Using a little bit of CSS3 we can quickly create a cool magazine style drop cap letter effect, or in other ways decorate the first letter of our paragraphs in any website. It’s fairly simple, let’s begin!


Create a Twitter Widget UI – Photoshop CS6

Photoshop |

Create UI elements and full widget mock-ups can be lots of fun and extremely useful for web design and App projects as well. We’re going to take a look at some simple methods to create this fun little Twitter tweet display widget UI in Photoshop CS6.

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Guest Post: How SEO’s Can Use Regular Expressions (Google Analytics)

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Since you’re not a programmer, you may be surprised that you may even need to know anything about regular expressions (also known as “regex”), but using them will both allow you to work with Google Analytics like a pro and show that you really know your thing when it comes to rewriting URLs, analyzing data and stuff like that. Sure thing, you’ll mostly need it for your Google Analytics exercises and that’s exactly why this post focuses on that. You’ll learn that the data you already have in your Google Analytics account has more to offer than meets the eye at first sight.

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How To Use FancyBox – Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial

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FancyBox is an amazing jQuery plugin which you can use on your website for free (for the most part, read here to see if you should buy a license ( http://sites.fastspring.com/fancyapps/product/store ) which offers great functionality and allows you to create image galleries in a snap. In addition you can display Google Maps, Youtube and Vimeo video content, SWFs, and much more! It’s a breeze to setup and a whole lot of fun to use. Check out this tutorial and learn how to setup these incredible galleries to get one on your site or your client’s website in the future!


Guest Blog: Getting Started with Bootstrap

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Bootstrap is a frontend web framework designed and developed by Twitter for the rapid and simple development of web-based applications. It provides a robust and feature-rich foundation upon which sites may be designed and built without having to spend too much time worrying about where (or how) to start. Setup is simple and straightforward, and out of the box you’re given a huge set of tools you’ll be able to use to start creating beautiful, functional sites.



May 10th Design Inspiration: Articles, Artwork, and Tutorials

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30 of the Best Character Design Tutorials for PS & AI 28 Fresh Free Fonts Inspiring Examples of Negative Space in Logos The Superhero Illustrations of Jeremy Roberts How To Create an 8-Bit Pixel Character in Illustrator 30 Web Designs Featuring Beautiful Scenes of Nature How to Create a Surreal Gothic Artwork in Photoshop Create